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October 19, 2012
Seeing as I am only one person, I thought it important to share the thoughts of other women -- and maybe some men -- for the Show Some Confidence series, because, let's face it, even though there are some things that I am unhappy about, I can't keep an entire series going on by myself. I enlisted the help of the beautiful Mindy from the blog Marigold Road to share with you how she shows some confidence.

When LC approached me about doing a guest post for her Show Some Confidence series, I got excited over writing about something I don't normally write about (check out my blog, MarigoldRoad, here). It's a shame, really, because most, if not all, girls and women struggle with body image. So often we view ourselves in an entirely different light than others view us.

For instance, I don't like my teeth. I feel like the incisors go up to high and I need my gums brought down more! And don't get me started on my overbite. I've been self conscious about my teeth for several years, but being the smiling person that I am, I have to go with it and smile loudly anyway. When I start talking about my teeth in that way, my husband and friends roll their eyes in disagreement.
One could discuss in great length the role of media in the perpetuation of women's negative body image. I agree with that argument in full. But I believe there is a way to combat medial influence. In no way will we ever be able to fully remove ourselves from the pervasiveness and frequency of media; it's all around us. But my encouragement there is to "bounce" from any image you see that makes you feel horrible about yourself--simply look away. This is why I don't receive a Glamour subscription anymore. I know the women in the ads are heavily photoshopped but my brain still processes such images as real.

Another thing I've done to feel better about my body is recalling the verse I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psa 139:14). I've heard that verse repeatedly, but lately, it's been driven home that if I am hard on myself, if I do negative self talk, then, in a way, I am directing that negativity back to the One who made me. It's like telling God: you did a horrible job when you made me. How absurd!

Since this is such a deep, wounding thing for women, change can only start with women embracing their bodies as the healthy powerhouses they are. Start small. Go without foundation to the grocery store. Lead by example, friends. Your daughters are watching. Your friends are listening. Your sons pick up on what to look for in a wife.

Thank God you have the stretchmarks. Some women cannot carry babies.
Thank God you have unruly hair. At least you are not losing it from cancer.
Thank God for your ugly middle toe. At least all its joints are there.
Thank God for your saggy breasts. At least there are miracle bras.
Thank God for pointy teeth. The better to annihilate an ear of corn.

Precious women, you are not alone in your journey toward self-confidence. Send me your thoughts or stories at



  1. Show some confidence is fantastic advice! You look beautiful! ;-)
    I just found you through Trees. Hides. Blog and am your newest follower!

    1. She does look beautiful, doesn't she, and she's about to get even more beautiful...just announced on her blog that she's going to have another baby :)

      Thanks so much for finding me. It's good to have you along for the ride!


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