Welcome to Toddlerhood

October 01, 2012
As of today, my Little Boy is officially a toddler. He has been getting ready to move into the toddler room at daycare for a couple of weeks now, and today is the day that he finally takes the leap. It is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. I am so unbelievably happy to see all of the new things that he will be learning while he is in that room, but it's also the end of a year and a half of seeing him grow into the Little Boy that he is today.

I was watching some videos of him when he was a lot smaller that I had posted on Facebook for the family to see. There were a couple that made me really happy to see that, although he had grown so much, his personality hadn't really changed. His giggle still sounds the same as when he was four months old, and he still loves music as much as when he was nine months old.

Clearly, he has changed a lot, and he will continue to change throughout his life, but it's good to know that the foundations are there. That the little things that I love most about him are there -- hopefully -- to stay.

What has happened to Little Boy in the last couple of months?

- He refers to anything that is round as a ball: a balloon is "ball," and, most recently, the moon is "ball."

- He loves airplanes. We live near a small airport and he is always so excited when the planes fly over our house. He calls them "a-yeh."

- He doesn't know what he wants anymore, and so we are trying to teach him that he doesn't always get to listen to the song that he wants, or watch the show that he wants. If he doesn't want to listen or watch, he is more than welcome to walk away.

- He is about to get smacked in the face with the evil sharing bug. He had his first taste of sharing last Thursday and he did not like it at all.

- He learned how to drink out of a garden hose :)

- He made his very first painting on a canvas. Until last Sunday, he had only been using crayons here at home.

- He has learned how to climb onto the table to grab chocolate bars, and the like.

- He finally pushed out his first-year molars, and his eye teeth.

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  1. Awweee he is so cute! My daughter will be 4 next month.. time really flies.


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