Life Goals: The Dreams of My 20s

October 10, 2012
I have had only a few major goals in my life so far. I'm not one of those people that writes down every little thing that they wish to do in their life with the goal of completing it before they die. When I was a young girl, I had only a few things that I really wanted to do with my life. I called it my 5-Year Plan. 

This plan entailed -- in no particular order -- getting married, owning my own car, and owning my own home -- all to be completed by roughly the age of 25. Somewhere in there, I completely a bachelor degree, went on a few vacations, and bought a second house. My second 5-Year Plan has included only three things so far: having a baby around the age of 26-27, running a 5K -- I have ran two -- and starting a small business.

I think it's important to have goals and dreams in life be it a few goals that you must do a lot of hard work to achieve, or several goals on a list that you try your best to complete before moving on to the other side. Without goals and dreams, we just drift along through life, hoping that something will happen to us, but goals help us take hold of life and squeeze all of the juice out of it -- every, last, drop. Goals don't have to be lofty, and if they don't work out, it's always interesting to see how they can evolve into something completely -- or just slightly -- different than what you initially intended.

I don't know what my next decade will look like because I haven't really started thinking about my next 5-Year Plan. I know that I want to complete the classes that are required for me to keep my job, and I really want to find a job working in a preschool. I guess I've started thinking about it more than I actually realise. That's the nature of goals, and the beauty of how they can evolve.

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