March 23, 2012
"Are you ready to go back to work?"

I have been asked this question so many times in the past few weeks. I know as soon as I see someone that I haven't seen for quite some time that they will be asking me that question. It's almost as if they are jabbing at me, trying to make me feel bad about something -- what, I don't know -- but I know that they are just trying to be funny.

It's not funny.

My first thought is usually: "What do you think?"

Does anyone really want to go back to work after being away for a year while being paid to be at home with a baby that they know they will rarely see once they get back to work? In most cases, the answer will be no.

I actually knew that I would be going back to work. My husband and I live a lifestyle that we want to continue living, and share with our child. Some may argue that being at home with their child is more important than a vacation to Disney World, but I didn't have a childhood filled with fantastic trips and being able to take dance classes. I want to be able to give my little boy these things, and so much more.

A lot of people may think that it's impossible to work and be a good mother, but I know both sides of the spectrum. My own mother was a stay-at-home mom, and I absolutely loved it -- though I wouldn't have told her that at the time. I loved being able to come home for lunch everyday and eat a warm meal; I loved being able to come home at the end of the day and not have to go to some after-school program or a day-home. She was a great mother, and still is. Even though my family could not afford the things that I wanted, I know that I grew up in a loving home.

My husband's mother, on the other hand, was a working mom that still loved her children -- he may not have had a warm meal for lunch every day, but I think that both of us turned out pretty well. Even though my husband grew up in a home where he got pretty much whatever his little heart desired, he is not a bad person, and he grew up with a loving family that taught him the exact same things that my family taught me.

My mother-in-law knew that she had to spend all of her time with her children in the evening and on the weekends, and that is exactly what I plan to do:

~ We will go for walks to the park.

~ We will visit the art gallery -- I'm hoping he will enjoy art as much as I do :)

~ We will watch movies on the comfy sofa in the basement and eat popcorn.

Just because I'm going back to work does not mean that I will neglect my child. In fact, my job teaches me the exact opposite. I am fortunate enough to work with pre-school children in an early learning environment. My son will actually be coming with me and stay in the baby room. I am looking forward to being able to see him play outside in the sand, and chase after balls on the grass. I am a lot more fortunate than most moms, in that respect.

I love my job.

I love my child.

It's not one or the other, and it never will be.


  1. I love that your Mom was a stay-at-home Mom. I didn't know that! My Mom is one too and I just cherish the time I get to spend with her at home each day being homeschooled and all :) I'm sure your kids did too! Enjoy your job! :)

    Thanks for your comment on my book post. I haven't read too much historical fiction, but upon your suggestion I think I'll check it out sometime :)


  2. i simply think you are amazing.


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