Just My Eyes: A Saturday Self-Portrait

March 03, 2012
I really enjoyed doing the self-portrait last Saturday, and I just couldn't pass it up this week when Dana requested that we all take photographs of our eyes. I love my eyes. They are my favourite part of my body because they are so unique. I have yet to come across someone that has yellow in their eyes.

I currently have my bangs cut asymmetrically. I used to have all of my hair cut asymmetrically with the left side being a little bit longer, and my bangs just kind of flowed with the entire haircut. But, I grew tired of it and cut it all back to normal -- except for the bangs, as you can see. It's time for another haircut; I am growing tired of this one too :)

There! Now you can see both of my eyes. I kind of take issue with the left-eye because the eyelid is a little bit lazy, and likes to hang out a little bit lower -- to help you out a little bit, you should be looking at the one to your right. If I'm not conscious of it, it can often make me look a little bit drunk -- I actually took my drivers license photo probably 10 times because of this reason.

What I learned:

- To be conscious of the natural light that I am using. Just because you are by a window, doesn't mean your photos will look good. Curtains make the light a lot softer -- even if they are white.

- Also be aware of the fact that your husband may have recently used the camera and changed the setting to "Auto". That can also get you some photographs that you aren't too happy with.


  1. i WISH i could have redone my drivers license photo haha. they never show us after they take it :(
    lovely eyes though! and thanks for linking up again!
    xo dana

  2. Your eyes are so beautiful! LOVE the color ;-) I'm going to email you about an ad swap!!


  3. Thank you for all of the lovely comments, everyone!

    Dana, I think I was just lucky with the girl that was taking my photo. My husband laughs at me that it took so many photos for me to get one that I was happy with.

  4. don't you love portrait saturdays! beautiful pictures :)

  5. How have I know you pretty much my whole life and I never knew you had yellow in your eyes?


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