Autism Awareness Art: Till All the Pieces are in Place

March 13, 2012
A new friend of mine that I met through my Facebook page approached me to do some art prints for a Facebook page that she has created for Autism Awareness called Till All the Pieces are in Place. Having worked with several children that are all over the Spectrum, and because I absolutely adore Maria, I jumped at the chance immediately.

I just wanted to share with you a couple of pieces that I have already made for the Facebook page -- available now -- and to tell you a little bit more about the project:

Maria told me that a lot of the symbols for Autism Awareness include puzzle pieces, rainbows, and butterflies. She gave me quite a few ideas to get started with, but she also wanted to keep with my style of drawing -- little animals and what-not. This little print was the first idea that popped into my head: a parent and their child.

I started drawing hedgehogs and porcupines recently for my newest pieces of work, and so I knew that I had to incorporate them into this project as well -- and, really, what's cuter than a hedgehog? At first, the drawing started out with a rainbow in the parent hedgehog and one of the child hedgehogs, but then I decided to have the rainbow encompass all of them, because Autism affects the entire family -- not just one.

About the Project

Maria is an Aspie mom to two amazing little boys who are also on the Spectrum -- one Aspie, and one mid-range Autistic. She is passionate about creating awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders, and decided to start with her Facebook page.

Maria showcases Autism awareness items from different vendors on Facebook, and, each month, a donation is made by each vendor to Achimota Centre for Autism in her hometown of Barrie, Ontario -- or to the artist's local Autism centre.

Anyone who is interested in being a vendor, please email Maria at

Remember! Different, not less!


  1. What a great cause and you did such a great job - these are adorable!!!

    Hugs - Brandi

  2. They are! yummy :D

    Ooh..the hedgehogs are so cute.I love them.
    I wish I had your talent,too...

  3. Aw! Thank you so much, Steffi! That means a lot :)


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