Cheep Cheep: Cute Downloadable Easter Cards

April 04, 2012
I have created a special surprise for you! 

Just wait, I'll show you what it is...

Ta da! It's two cute little Easter cards that you can print off for your children, kids, or even your cat -- last I heard, cats like bunnies :)

I made these little guys especially with you in mind. You can't find these cards in the shop! They are only available here in my blog, just for you. You can download them here.

Once you've downloaded it and printed it off, all you need to do is cut along the middle dotted line between the two cards.

Then, cut along the dotted line at the end of the page -- after the "Cheep, Cheep" card -- and fold each card in half -- once again, along the dotted line.

You should now have a cute little bunny card...

...and a cute little baby chick card!

If you missed it, you can download them here.

Enjoy :)

*Please note that these little cards were not created for you to sell, but to enjoy and send to your family and friends.


  1. these are so freakin' cute!
    ps: if you are interested in winning some new hair extensions make sure to check out my blog! i'm having a giveaway that i think you might like! :)

    love, rach.

  2. Thank you...these cards are so sweet!


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