Who Doesn't Love Delicious Vegan Cupcakes?

March 15, 2012
I discovered the most delicious recipe for cupcakes back in January on the blog of the lovely Elsie Larson. She shared a very simple recipe for how to make vanilla cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes -- both vegan friendly -- and then showed us all how to take them to the next level -- like making them into PB&J cupcakes :)

So simple to make -- and such an easy recipe to read -- all you do is simply whisk the ingredients together to make the batter.

I loaded up the batter into the little paper cups, and got them ready for the oven. The recipe says that it only makes one dozen cupcakes, but I was able to get two dozen -- I was even being a little generous with the batter.

The cupcakes cooked so nicely, and were pretty much exactly the time that was given in the recipe -- remember that all ovens are different, and you know yours best! We tried the cupcakes before we even put any icing on them, and there was a different taste and texture about them that we weren't too sure about.

But then we added icing to them, and -- kazing -- did they ever become delicious! Elsie has a recipe for frosting in the same post, but I've never been good at making icing, so we just bought some from the store. They are still sooo good! My husband asks me to make them all the time.

Since I found the recipe, I have made the vanilla cupcakes two times. The next time I make them will be for my son's birthday. I plan on getting cute little wrappers just for the occasion.

I love cupcakes.


  1. i LOOOVE cupcakes. those look amazing. have you seen the youtube video....just look up "how bout cupcakes" on youtube. cute cute cute

    1. Haha! That video is too cute, Christi Lynn! Thanks for letting me know about it :)

  2. PB & J cupcakes?! Yes please!

    Loved your happy list on my blog last week, Mrs. Elle. I could just picture your son running around the house laughing :)


    1. Thanks, Memory! He's not quite running around yet, but he sure likes to laugh a lot :)


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