The Pregnancy Wardrobe

June 04, 2014
I know that it was a long time ago that I was pregnant, but I've noticed a lot of people lately on blogs and Instagram sharing pregnancy photos and outfits where they say they're still wearing their pre-pregnancy clothes and using a belly-band despite being 39 weeks pregnant. I was not that fortunate, and I can imagine for some women that it is quite frustrating to find out that other people are still wearing the clothes they had before the baby belly while you are wearing your husband's t-shirt and sweats for your pyjamas.

While I had been pregnant during the winter months and didn't get to have fun wearing little summer dresses a lot of the time, I found a few essentials that I used during my pregnancy to share with you. I had a pair of maternity jeans that I loved, a few t-shirts, a couple of nice shirts, and I wore a lot of sweaters and other things from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe that didn't need to be done up over my belly. I also had fun with accessories like brooches and belts.

It can be hard to justify spending a few hundred dollars on a wardrobe that you are going to wear only once or twice for five or so months, but it is worth it to make yourself feel good about the changes that your body is going through and you only need to grab a few essentials and a couple of pieces that make you feel extra special -- because, let's face it, what you are doing with your body makes you a whole new kind of special.

Bird Top  -  Belt  -  Kimono  -  Jeans  -  White T-Shirt  -  Brooch

*this is not a pregnancy announcement :)

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