Listen, Look, Love: June

June 26, 2014

I am probably late to get on the Metric train, but I guess you could say that it's never too late to hop on any music train. I heard "Clone" while on the drive home from work. It was later in the day -- ironically among the lyrics in the song -- and the radio segment that I often listen to on the drive home was over for the day, luckily they had another segment full of great songs that I had never heard before and this was one of them. It was a perfect song for the drive.


I really like the look of a strapless one-piece swimsuit and a floppy, broad-brimmed hat. It is so classy in so many ways.


I love the dreamy quality of this outdoor space: the white doors and windows, the giant pots of flowers, the little sofa. It is everything that I wish our space will feel like when we are finally done with it.

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