Thoughts on "Boys Will Be Boys"

June 06, 2014
This phrase is something I've heard tossed around in different places -- at my job, on clothing, on the internet -- a lot lately, and I've noticed that it's starting to get under my skin. The reason why it's starting to bother me is because it seems to be used as an encompassing phrase that acts as an excuse for the misbehaviour of boys: getting into physical fights with other people; purposely hurting someone even though the other person did nothing to warrant it; generally being rude, distasteful and/or thoughtless.

It will take a lot of work to rid the world of this kind of excuse and the behaviours that it allows society to shrug off, but it can start with you. I do not use this phrase at all, and do not tolerate the kinds of behaviours listed above from anyone, especially my son. When it comes to the expectations that I have for the children that I work with, they are for everyone. There is not one single expectation that I spare from any child, and likewise I do not have any excess expectations of any child. We are all on equal ground, and that's where the change will begin.

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