What Do You Love About Dad?

June 14, 2013


Father's Day is a tricky celebration at my workplace. Many of the children that I work with do not see their fathers and don't have a strong male influence in their lives. We always have to remember which children don't have Dad's and adjust our Father's Day gifts accordingly.

This year I found this fantastic idea on Pinterest where you interview each child and ask them simple questions about their Dads -- or Moms, Grandpas, etc. We got some really cute answers -- including one Dad's full name. One little girl told me that her Dad's hair is "light", and another one told me that her Dad likes to play on the teeter-totter for fun. What I noticed, though, is that most of the children love that fact that their Dads take them to the park, and I know that my little guy is the exact same way.

What is something you love that your Dad does?

I personally love how my Dad is willing to help me with anything that I may need help with -- be it finding a phone number, building me a bench, or looking after Little Boy so that I can go to a movie with my husband. My Dad is always there, and I love him for it.

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