8 Days as a Single Parent

June 10, 2013

I learned so many things about myself and what it is like to be a single parent while my husband was away on a business trip last week, leaving me alone with Little Boy for 8 days. While there were a few moments that felt hectic and I lost my patience, I loved the time that I had alone with my child -- not that I want to do it again any time soon -- and have the utmost respect for the mothers and fathers that do it by themselves every day.

What I learned:

1. Plan, plan, plan! When working later into the evening, I found that it is important to plan your suppers and cook them in a slow cooker so they are ready when you get home and you can eat right away.

2. Spaghetti sauce should not cook in the slow cooker for 10 hours as it can have a slightly burnt taste to it -- we still devoured it. 

3. Although I love sleep, my body can adapt and survive without as much as I am usually used to.

4. A staff meeting is no place for a toddler, especially if you want to catch all of the information.

5. Projectile vomit is a lot easier to deal with when there are two people -- so thankful my sister-in-law was around for that one.

6. When no one else is around and I have to do all the work, I do it fast and I do it well, otherwise I'm quite lazy and get others to do it for me -- this pertains to things at home, as well as at my job.

7. There is always time for exercise, even if it is at 8:45pm after the child has been put to bed and you're exhausted and you're training for a 5K run the following Sunday.

8. Make use of the outside world and get out of the house. Fresh air is good, and there is less stuff to clean-up before bedtime.

9. It's a lot easier to have two people at a restaurant to look after a child than one -- thanks to my Mom for sitting with my little guy so I could eat my supper.

10. The time alone with your child is the most precious time ever.

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