52 Books: Helen Hancocks' William & The Missing Masterpiece

February 24, 2016

Last week I started a new blog series called 52 Books where I share some of our favourite books to read to our son -- find the first book here. Not only is this series to share some of our favourite books, but it is a way for us to discover new children's books together. The world of children's books is a vast one and I feel like I will never find out about them all, but it's a challenge that I am definitely up for. What are the children's books that you enjoy most, or have enjoyed reading to your children?

Another one of our recent library discoveries was William & The Missing Masterpiece by Helen Hancocks. This is an absolutely delightful caper about a cat detective that helps a museum find out what happened to one of their most famous paintings -- the Mona Cheesa. The author takes us on an adventure around the city while William discovers clues. It's a pretty fun book, and I highly recommend it if you are a fan of Oliver Jeffers.

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