For the Better Good: Play Laugh Cosmetics

February 27, 2016

Because of the direction that I am taking my life right now, I wanted to start collecting nail polish that is better for my health -- I recently learned that cuticles are quite porous, and the chemicals in nail polish are soaked up by them. Given that many large batch nail polish companies need to use those chemicals in order to preserve their product, I decided to check out some different companies -- who's prices and products are quite comparable -- that are able to make nail polish without all of the chemicals. 

While I have used some great local polishes that I enjoy -- from Pirate Polish and Sisturz Artisan Polish -- I recently picked up a polish from a local shop that sells nail polish from a company called Play Laugh Cosmetics. This nail polish is handmade plus a lot of other things -- gluten free, no animal testing, vegan, etc. While the texture is not as glossy as typical nail polish, it still covered my nails nicely. It was a wonderful vibrant colour, and it was really fun to peel off a few days later -- there is no need for nail polish remover.

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