52 Books: Herve Tullet's Help! We Need A Title!

February 17, 2016

Today I am starting a new blog series called 52 Books. We love reading books to our son every day, and he's got quite an extensive library of books that I have collected for him over time -- some are even mine and my husband's from our own childhoods -- and I want to share some of our favourite ones with you. That is why I have started the 52 Books blog series, so we can discover the most wonderful books together.

Children's books are one of my favourite things, and there are so many amazing and beautiful books out there for them to read. While Little Boy's collection is growing, it is also a lot of fun to go to the library and find new books to look at -- without the added cost. 

We picked up this Herve Tullet book called Help! We Need A Title! this past weekend on a library date with a friend of mine and her two little girls. We really enjoy Herve Tullet, so I thought it might be fun book to read one night. It is all about how a story is put together, and what is needed to make it all work -- including an author. It is pretty cute, and quite interactive -- but you wouldn't expect any less from Mr. Tullet.

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