Listen, Look, Love: November

November 26, 2014

Don't get me started on this song. I heard only a little bit of it while driving one day, and as soon as I reached my destination I Googled it to figure out what it was called. I loved it instantly, and I hope you do too!


This photo gets me in the mood for Christmas festivities. It is now less than one month until the big day is here, and each year I get more and more excited as my son starts to understand, and enjoy, the day even more. I love the quiet, the lights, and the love that surround Christmas. It is such a warm feeling that envelopes you, and that is exactly how this photograph makes me feel.


I  am in love with this vest from Utanum -- a lable from Iceland. It looks so cozy, and would be perfect for curling up with a cup of tea.

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