2014 Etsy Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts For A Little Boy

November 12, 2014
I always love going to browse shops on Etsy, and within the Items I Love, for gift ideas -- especially around Christmastime. Right now my son is into dinosaurs and penguins. He loves to run around the house and roar like a dinosaur, and he loves drinking hot chocolate milk out of mugs made just his size. He also really loves art; drawing, painting, gluing and stamping are among his favourite things to do. When he's not busy being rowdy, he likes to play quietly with his stuffed animals, and a custom doll that looks just like him would be an instant hit. He also loves to express himself through his clothing. Pin-back buttons have always been a favourite accessory of his. The beauty of these items is that they would be a great gift for anyone -- boy or girl.

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