Shop Update: New Brooches

November 19, 2014
Back in June I revealed to you my new hand-drawn brooches, and today I am sharing with you a new set of brooches that I have created for the shop. They are quite simple in design, and are made with DAS air-hardening modelling material. I picked up a package of the modelling material a little while ago for a DIY project that I was working on, and decided to start carving out some shapes and imprinting them with different materials with the left over pieces that I had from the project I was working on.

It was a lot of fun because I never went into the project thinking that I would create something for the shop. I started out making something for someone else, and it evolved into an adventure with a new material -- a material that I hadn't worked with since my high school days. It was fun to get my hands dirty, and, in the end, create something that I was really pleased with.

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