My Finds: Flock and Gather Winter 2013

December 16, 2013

1. Buttons - Ookie Ookie
2. Embroidered Monster - Erika Folnovic Designs
3. Bear Plate and Mug - Carole Epp
4. Stud Earrings - Shannon Welch Silversmith
5. Air Plane Terrarium - Plant
6. Coffee - Bogarts Bay
7. Healing Salve - Uncle Mike's

It's been over a week since the Flock and Gather 2013 Winter Wonder's Handmade Market, but I've been busy being sick -- you don't want me to even talk about it. I still really wanted to share with you all of the amazing things that I found this year, and, believe me, if I had a thousand dollars with me I would have purchased something from every vendor that was there. This is the most amazing handmade market that I have been to to date, and with vendors like these I can only assume it will get even better. Please check out the Flock and Gather blog to see for yourself all of the other amazing people that were there.

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