On Turning 30

October 07, 2013
Tomorrow I will be 30-years-old. 

It's a strange thing to think about, but I don't feel anxious or upset at entering my third decade of life. I remember when I turned 10 that I was excited to have entered the double digit years -- although those are going to last me the rest of my life -- and when I turned 20 I was exited to enter the world of adulthood and make important decisions about adult-type things. Now turning 30 I am a wife, mother, home owner and business woman. My 20's gave me some amazing life stories and I can't wait to see what my 30's will bring me, but I have to say that I haven't really put any thought into what I'm excited for upon turning 30. Is there anything exciting about turning 30? Right now it just seems like another number, but maybe that's a good thing.

At my 7th birthday party

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