Hawaii and Back

October 23, 2013

Do you know how hard it is to share an entire vacation in 10 photographs? I could share so many more with you, but I know that it would become a bit much and you don't really want to see all of the different bathing suits that I brought with me anyway.

We had an amazing time in Hawaii. During the trip we were already talking about what we were going to do the next time that we were there, or how we would do things when we brought our son with us. Hawaii had us hooked. I do wish that we had explored the North Shore a lot more, but that is a lesson learned for next time. It was such a vastly different experience from the city.

What I enjoyed most about the trip was waking up, putting on our suits and sunscreen -- you gotta live in that stuff -- and heading to the beach. I learned so much from the ocean in the short time that I was there, and I can still feel the energy of the waves as I lay in bed paying attention to my breathing. I love it!

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