DIY Galaxy Sweater

October 11, 2013
I saw this DIY for making your own galaxy clothing items in the early days of my using Pinterest. I knew that it was something that I would eventually do, and a little while ago I was inspired to make a galaxy sweater of my very own.

What I learned while making the sweater:

1. Pay attention to the spray on the bottle you are using, and figure out which way to turn the nozzle before you direct it towards your article of clothing so you get galaxies instead of a nebula -- although I quite like my nebula sweater.

2. If you are making something like a sweater, open it up before you get started so that you can also get bleach and paint where the buttons get covered up, otherwise you might have black dots where the buttons were when you unbutton the sweater.

3. If you bleach both sides of the article of clothing, but a protective layer between them when you paint both sides of it -- whereas I only did it when I painted the back of the sweater after noticing that the paint leaked through to the back in a couple of spots.

4. Pay attention to the fabric paint that you are purchasing. I ended up buying red glitter paint, but I actually kind of like the effect that it makes -- like real stars :)

Overall, the tutorial on Pinterest is really well done, and I had no trouble following it. I had a lot of fun putting my flavour into the sweater, and I'm glad I have something that is unlike any other. The first day I wore it to work, the girls were all over it and I was proud to say that I made it myself.

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