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February 13, 2013
I am so excited for Valentine's Day this year because it is my son's first year giving out Valentines. I found the cutest little Valentines at a shop called Hello Small World. They have a really cute selection of cards available in their shop, amongst other goodies.

I found a simple recipe to make crayons on Pinterest a while ago, and decided to make crayons for all of the kids in his classroom at daycare. I also picked up some bubble wands from a craft store, and attached them all to the envelopes as a little goodie for all the kids on Valentine's Day. We've been having fun playing with the extra bubble wands.

On another note, I found some vintage Valentines at work a long time ago, and this one is my favourite. There's something so strange about it, but I still find it really cute. What do you think?

Do you hand out Valentines at all?

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