The Best Part of Valentine's Day

February 15, 2013
One of the best parts of Valentine's Day, for me, is that I get to share in the excitement of the children that I work with. This year, one of the kids was hopping up and down excitedly as each child in the room pulled his Valentine out of their mailboxes. "It's mine! It's mine!" He would shout.

It reminded me of my days in school when we would walk around the classroom dropping Valentines into each giant paper envelope hanging from the desks, and then I would open them and judge what the kids in the class thought of me through the Valentine they chose to give me.

Time have changed, though. I don't judge what the children at work think of me through their Valentines, but I did get a good laugh out of a few of them, and I wanted to share them with you.

Apparently, I'm fierce, but I'm really just curious about what that dog is thinking, and why the cat is laughing so hard, or even if the cat is laughing.

Ha! Hot Rod.

This child made special Valentines for each person in the room, and each one made me smile. I will treasure this one forever :)

Even though he doesn't understand Valentine's Day, Little Boy enjoyed playing with the pink play dough he received as a gift with one of his Valentines. He also enjoyed eating a lot of the gifts that came with his Valentines.

I asked him to show me his tattoo so that I could get a photo. He was not a happy camper as I was trying to put it on his arm, but he though it was pretty cool after a few minutes.

Did you receive any special Valentines this year?


  1. I made my bf a valentines day taco(we love tacos) with love coupons as the "meat"! He loved it, and it was fun to make!

    1. What a neat idea! I'll have to remember that for next year. I love tacos too :)

  2. I got three red roses - one from each of my two little boys and one from my husband!

    1. What a lovely gift! It's so nice that your boys are giving you gifts too. It's not all about the love from our husbands :)


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