DIY: A Coat Hook for Dress-Up Clothes

February 08, 2013
My son has started accumulating play clothes, and so I decided to make a coat hook with a piece of wood and some hooks for him to hang up all of his dress-up clothes on.

We bought a 4x4x1 piece of pine that we chopped down to the right length, and four hooks at the local hardware store. I also picked up some good painters tape to be able to make a pattern on the piece of wood.

I decided to make a zig-zag pattern -- or chevron. This was a bit of a painstaking process as I had to cut each piece of tape and lay it in place. Don't check my angles or anything because this was all done without any measuring.

I painted it with the paint we had used on the walls in our bedroom -- I like how you can still see the knot in the wood. Once the paint was dry and I was able to take the tape off, I decided to do some blue zig-zags on the wood as well. I painted these by hand.

My husband helped me with the hardware. The pattern actually made it pretty easy to line up the hooks, and so there was no measuring involved with this part either -- notice how there are three zig-zag peaks between each hook.

My husband also helped me hang up the coat hook in Little Boy's room. It looks so much better than having his clothes laying all over the floor. It's not much of a collection yet, but I'm sure he'll get more soon.

What do you use to hang up your children's play clothes?


  1. cute - love the pattern :) we need one of these for our coats / nick knacks


    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! I hope you'll make one and share it when it's done :)

  2. Loved this! I definitely need to make one of these for each of the boys' rooms for their book bags and stuff. Maybe that would make them stop throwing them down right when we walk in the door after school!


    1. Thank you, Nicole! Ah yes, the good old throwing-the-bookbag-down-by-the-door. I used to do that too. Now it is my kitchen table :)


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