Give Me a Well-Dressed Man

January 16, 2013
A little while ago, I saw this post about dressing for your man, which linked me to the original post on the same topic. The former was very well written, and made me realise that in the past I have not worn certain articles of clothing or jewellery that I know my husband doesn't like while I'm around him, but as I get older, I feel more confident in myself and what I wear, and it seems like he likes my style a bit more.

The latter post got my blood boiling. I've never shopped at J.Crew, nor worn the bubble beads that have been so popular, and my hair isn't long enough for the top knot, but I do love me a cardigan. When you live in a country where it is -20C for half the year, you like to dress in layers and have the option to take your sweater off -- it's not like I'm wearing my grandpa's sweaters or anything.

Anyway, the point of this post here is to tell you that these two posts really got me thinking about why women should be the only ones dressing for their significant others. Men should also be dressing for their women. Sweatpants, baseball caps, TapouT t-shirts, sports jerseys, and baggy jeans that hang down past your knees are simply not a turn-on -- and I'm sure you've got your own list.

Give me a well dressed man any day. A man that pays attention to what he wears and doesn't simply throw on the first thing he sees. He doesn't have to wear a blazer, a bow-tie, or a cardigan, but he does have to be aware that jeans that are cut just right to show off that perfect ass, and a leather jacket that is just tight enough to the body are enough to get most girls motors running. Am I right?


  1. I enjoyed both of those articles (and blogs, really) as well and I totally agree with you. I am an insecure woman, so I already hate that women should have to feel that we need to 'dress to impress'...why don't men?? Well said, my dear. - Nicole from

    1. Thanks so much, Nicole! And thanks for stopping by :)


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