Just the Coolest Fundraiser Ever

January 14, 2013
This Saturday, I had the most amazing experience. I went to a fundraiser for the local art gallery, but that it was no ordinary fundraiser. It was a huge party -- not the boring gala type -- where you could taste local food, listen to local bands, as well as other musical groups and performances -- including Kay the Aquanaut -- create art, and have fun with a photo booth, all while chatting, and dancing, with like-minded people.

My day started with purchasing a pair of Manitobah Mukluks to wear to the party. I am in love with them. I've always wanted a pair, and I finally decided to break down and buy some. I knew I wouldn't regret my decision when I noticed my feet got cold after taking them off while trying them on in the store.

Before heading out for supper with my family, I got ready to go to the party. Because of my hair challenge, it is quite difficult for me to do my hair, so I looked up some photos of braiding and decided to do two braids that wrapped around my head -- trust me, there will be details later.

There was music playing as we arrived, but the first band that we stopped and listened to, called Shooting Guns, was a really heavy psychedelic rock band. I'm not usually a fan of that kind of music, but I actually liked them. There were no words to go with their music, and I think that made a difference for me. 

The other band that we listened to was Young Benjamins. They are a folk rock band, and more my style. Their music was full of fun beats that were easy to dance to. I hope that you'll check out music from both of these bands!

One of the coolest things of the night was a live drawing project that was being created by comic artists and illustrators right there as people were watching. You could enter to win the drawing for a very small fee.

Does your local art gallery ever put on fundraisers like this?

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