DIY: The Recovering of the Lampshade

January 25, 2013
As soon as I saw this lampshade DIY on the blog of Sandy a la Mode, I knew that I was going to do it -- just don't pay attention to the date because it took me a while to get around to it. 

Finding the perfect fabric took a little time. I knew that I didn't want stripes because they can look wonky if not done to perfection, and I knew I didn't want a small floral print because we already have a simple floral print on our bedspread. It was time to go bold! I found this ikat floral print and carried it around the shop with me until I knew for sure that I wouldn't find any thing else that would fit the picture in my mind -- or my budget. I made sure that it was a stiff cotton fabric that wouldn't stretch, and would be easy to work with.

This project was actually a lot simpler than I thought, and took me no time at all. One more step in creating a master bedroom that I will be happy to sleep in is now complete.

Maybe it's time you thought about changing up those lampshades of yours, hmm?

p.s. I didn't do any sewing on my lampshade like the original DIY mentions. I just glued the edges down with my glue gun, and made sure that the fabric was pulled tight, especially once I reached the side edge that is at the back of the shade. I suppose I could have folded it over to create a nice edge, but it's at the back and it really doesn't look that bad.


  1. this looks simple and yet so cool!



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