Mason Jar DIY: The Piggy Bank

November 07, 2012

At the beginning of the year, I found these three mason jars at the local Value Village. It was my goal to make a piggy bank for my son that he could use to keep his money in in the years to come -- I keep my money in a mason jar as well. What I will do with the other two jars, I do not yet know...stay tuned!

I started off taping around the jar with painters tape wherever I wanted to create a strip of paint. I chose Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Acrylic Craft Paint in Beach Glass -- the green -- and Pond -- the blue. I also created a chalkboard section with Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Chalkboard Acrylic Craft Paint in Gray.

I created the chalkboard section to be able to write my son's name or how much money is currently in the jar -- the choice is really up to him, and it's something fun. After all the paint dried, I used a white paint pen -- I know not the brand -- to create the line and dot designs around the jar. I thought this might add a touch of whimsy to the jar.

I thought it turned out quite well, and it's nice that you can still see into the jar. It's fun to see how much money you have collected so far.

I hope you are having a fantastic week. Happy Wednesday to you!

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