The Joy of Mail

September 07, 2012
I love getting mail.

I love when I get home from work, and there is a package or an envelope sitting on my desk just begging me to open it. Sometimes the mail that I get is a card from my Mom and Dad, a little letter from my Grammie, or birthday and Christmas cards, and other times it's something that I've purchased in an online shop.

Yesterday, the dress that I ordered from ModCloth arrived -- I'm really excited to wear it to a wedding on Saturday; on Wednesday, I received a small envelope with a card inside it from Julie Ann at Julie Ann Art, and last Friday I got a huge boxed package from Jo Totes -- inside was my new camera bag that I absolutely love.

There's just something so exciting about having something tangible in your hands. A little piece of love that someone wrote or packaged up just for me -- I know that Julie Ann always sends a little bit of love :)

I also love sending mail myself. I love getting ready the items that people have bought from my little shop. I enjoy writing a personal note to go along with it, and sometimes I send it with some extra happy vibes so that it get to its destination within the time frame that the customer needs it.

I know that sending mail seems like something of the past, but I think that there is a sort of movement happening that's trying to get people back to sending mail again.

I don't know about you, but that's the kind of movement that I could get behind.

Do you send mail? Do you want some mail? Email me ( your address, and I'll pop something in the post for you :)

Happy Friday!

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  1. I'm in that movement...and you know my address, Laura. Mail is sure nice...receiving and sending. I love the letters that I receive from my mom weekly and I love sending letters to her weekly.


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