DIY Side Tables: From Boring Brown to Flashy Ikat

September 21, 2012
I've had the urge to paint the side tables in our living room for quite a while. I don't like how much brown we have in the space: the tables are brown, the sofas are brown, the bookshelf is brown, the floor is brown...brown, brown, brown!

I finally took the plunge a little while ago, and set to work wiping them down with a wet cloth to get any stickiness off of them. Then carried them into the garage -- the strong woman that I am -- and started spray painting them white. I wanted to freshen up the place.

My first mistake was white on brown, and my second mistake was the spray paint -- or perhaps no primer? Regardless, it took about four or five coats of paint to make them all glossy and purdy.

I then set to work painting the tops. I didn't want some plain white tables, I wanted something unique...something with funk. After seeing a tutorial on The Nate Berkus Show -- which doesn't exist anymore and I couldn't find for the life of me -- I decided that I wanted to paint a piece of furniture with an ikat pattern.

Well, I attempted an ikat pattern anyway. I wasn't too sure about the paint job that I had done after taking the tape off, but it has grown on me. I actually really like it, and find it quite unique. Besides, I can always paint over it :)

I think it looks a lot more fresh than it did before. It really pops out of all that brown!

Have you done any fun DIY projects recently?


  1. Crikey! It looks brilliant! Glad all the hard work paid off. You have been busy - what with this and the brilliant new packaging.

    1. Thank you! Haha! I haven't been that busy...this project was done about a month ago :)


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