Vibrant, Kneaded and Slightly Imperfect: My Favourite Art Supplies

September 26, 2012
My art supplies are among the most important items that I use in my business -- and in my personal life. Even though you don't personally see the quality that they help me create in my original drawings, you do get to see the finished products in the form of the art prints and stationery. The art supplies that I use help create that kind of products that I want to sell to my customers.

I bought my coloured pencils several years ago because I wanted high quality coloured pencils that I knew I would use for some sort of art project -- some day. I went with Prismacolor arts quality pencils, and, I have to say, I'm very pleased with how vibrant the colours can be.

A lot of my little drawings are created with a  Zig Millennium black ink pen. I love it. I first used this kind of pen back in the early days of using my Mom's scrapbooking supplies to make Christmas cards for my friends at school. I like how imperfect it can be when writing out the words that I put on the cards, and how I can use it to colour in anything in the little drawings.

Most of the time, I will use the black ink pen to do the drawings or write the words, but there is the odd time that I need to use a pencil first -- especially for the more intricate drawings. When I use a pencil, I like to use the little fellow pictured above. The one I currently use is a brand new one, but these little guys have been my best friend since I started taking drawing lessons in high school. I could not draw without a kneaded eraser!

What are your favourite art supplies to use?


  1. My new favourite it my white ink pen that I've been using to draw on the pebbles I've been finding this summer past (the ones that are on the September desktop image I published at the beginning of the month).

    1. That pen has worked hard this summer! It's done a great job working with you :)


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