Just Me: A Self-Portrait on Saturday

February 25, 2012
I discovered the Self-Portrait Saturday series over on the blog of the lovely Wonder Forest, and decided that I would give it a shot -- no photography pun intended...well...maybe. She started the series as a way for us bloggers to become more comfortable with our cameras and our bodies.

It's been a very long time since I've done an intentional self-portrait -- not holding a purse or showing off a necklace -- and having been recently pregnant, I have been having a lot of issues with my body, but after seeing myself in these photographs, as well as recent others, I can see that I don't look as awful as I feel.

I'm very pleased with myself that I only took a total of eight photos. It is incredibly difficult to know what you look like in front of the camera until the photo has already been taken. Then you say to yourself: "Okay...I need to face the window to get more light because the bags under my eyes are very prominent in this photo." or "Hmmm...I need to find a different place for my arm because my elbow looks gigantic." or "Wow! My eye is really smooshed against the pillow in this one. I'll try again and be more aware of not keeping my face so close to the pillow."

It's those little things that if you were behind the camera yourself, or had someone watching you telling you what to do with your face and arms, would be corrected the first time. Just part of the learning process, I guess, and yet another reason to have more than one of yourself.


  1. Found you through The Wonder Forest self portrait link-up! Love your blog here!

    I'm a new follower! ♥

    Nicole from insidethemindofnicole.blogspot.com

  2. Ha! I feel the same way when I am taking self portraits. I always think "that was a good one..." and then I look at my camera and realize I look completely crazy :).

  3. Haha! Yes, Gina! That's exactly how it goes :)

  4. cute picture! imma new follower! I can't wait to read more of your blog...looks pretty darn cute so far.

  5. Thanks so much Dana and Christi Lynn!

  6. I think that's a great, sweet photo!

  7. You look great! It's hard as a new mom to feel like our bodies are even our own anymore sometimes. Take lots of pictures, it helps! And avoid the hell out of mall changing rooms. They're horrible, florescent lighted liars.

  8. Thank you, Erin! I absolutely abhor mall changing rooms...their mirrors are also liars. It's like they are fun house mirrors or something, but not fun at all :)


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