The Simplicity of a Handmade Valentine

February 12, 2012
A valentine doesn't have to be complicated. It could be as simple as a couple of pieces of paper, a paper doily, and some baker's twine. I actually used little extras that had been used as packaging for items that I had purchased on Etsy -- smile for recycling -- and some bits of paper that I had left-over from other projects.

Now, heaven forbid you shouldn't already have a valentine for your special someone, but hopefully you have some little extras hanging around your house so you can quickly make a valentine. Sure, cards are nice -- and I appreciate you buying one from my SHOP -- but there's nothing quite like a handmade valentine to give to the one you love most.

Peace and love :)


  1. i def think handmade valentine's are the best!!

  2. It's adorable! I too love handmade Valentines. I always enjoy making them with my family each year :) Happy Valentine's Day to a very special friend, that's you!


    1. I'm touched! Thank you! Happy Valentine's Day to you too :)

      I'm glad you still make valentines, and that it's a special thing you do with your family. What a fantastic tradition!


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