In Love with Art

February 04, 2012
I can't get enough of art! I have had to hold myself back a lot recently and really think about the pieces that I want to have because I know that I would end up with more art than I have wall space. 

I finally have all of the new art that I have purchased from fantastic shops on Etsy framed and up on a wall in our hallway. I have been accumulating these pieces over the last year, and I finally got around to purchasing the last frame. Unfortunately, it doesn't match the rest, but that's okay because I think it gives the collection even more of an eclectic feel than it already has.

  It is so very difficult to take a photo of a wall in a hallway...

I am in love with this wall, and it makes me so happy to be able to look out of my office and see these pieces happily looking back at me.


  1. This made my day! Thank you! :)

  2. I'm honored to have my tiny fox among such great artists!

    1. He loves being there! The little fox is actually my son's favourite to look at on that wall :)


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