May 01, 2013

Not the Kind of Envelope You'll Find in the Mail

I love purses, almost as much as I love shoes and jewellery -- okay, equally. I'm not so crazy about purses that I have a whole closet dedicated to them, but I do like to have purses for different occasions and it's fun to buy a new one every once-in-a-while. My husband would probably argue that I have too many, though. One is enough, right?

Imagine my delight, or any woman's delight really, when I came across this fantastic green envelope clutch from B.Lush -- I tried so hard to find a website or information on the company. Yes, I already have a green purse, but it is not an envelope clutch. Justified. I found it at the gift shop in a hospital. That's a hospital. It was on sale for 40% off and I just happened to have my Visa with me to buy some candy -- I have a problem. Kaching!


I'm looking forward to using it this Summer -- ahem -- while going to jazz concerts, festivals, and on dates with my husband.

Have you found any great accessories recently?

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