Weekend DIY: Front Entry Makeover

January 16, 2022

When you live in a small house that is trying hard to use up every inch of space, sometimes you end up with strange little places (I never said they did a good job designing the use of every inch of space). For years we had this weird, useless niche in our front entryway that I could never figure out how to decorate or utilise. Then it dawned on me that we can use it as another place for hanging our coats and storing hats, shoes, etc.

We purchased a panel of beadboard that we used for the length of the niche, put 1/4" round trimming where it joined with the other walls and the ceiling, sealed it up, and applied a couple of coats of paint. After the wall was finished, we set to work making the shelving units and the coat hooks. The niche is not very deep, so the shelves could be no wider than 6 inches. It makes it a bit difficult for storing larger items, but hats and other smaller things can still fit.

We eventually found a glass pendant light that we really liked and added it to the space. After having lived with the whole thing for almost 2 years, I can't remember what it was like before we put it into place. It's honestly weird seeing the photo of the space before we added the beadboard and shelves, but that just shows how much we needed a space like what we created. 

It's made it easier to use our front closet as more of a storage space, and has helped make up for a lack of storage overall in the house. Looking at what it does to the space and how it has added to the house also makes me so happy and love our home even more, which is the ultimate goal when doing small renovations.

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