Behind the Art: Bridges

January 23, 2022


Several years ago, I created a map of the city I grew up in that had a few of the places that stand out (to me) as places that would be recommended to visitors. They are the places that many locals would tell you are the first to pop into their minds when asked about something that stands out in their city, and they are places that I like to go myself. 

In the middle of this map, I put the South Saskatchewan River as the riverbank is one of the things that Saskatoon is most known for, along with the bridges that help you go from one side of the city to the other. Since I drew the map, the city has gained a few more bridges, and so I created the Bridges art print to showcase the beauty of the bridges that help residents across the river.

Starting in the north end with the Chief Mistawasis Bridge and going all the way to the southern part of the river and the Gordie Howe Bridge, I drew the seven main traffic bridges that can be found in the city (yes there are a few more). I tried my best to pay attention to the details of each bridge, but still keep the simplicity of all of the other pieces of artwork that I have done.

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