DIY: Handmade Christmas Gifts

November 25, 2019

Sometimes we just don't have the means to go out and purchase a gift, or we want to really give something that we have made with our hearts. Here are some DIY Christmas gifts that I have made in the past. I hope you will find inspiration!

A few years ago, I made water-less snowglobes for my son's teachers as a Christmas gift using a bristle brush tree, air-dry clay, gold paint, a toilet tube, some paper, a baby food jar and some fake snow (which is worse than working with glitter). I didn't document the process, but I found a super cute tutorial over on Hallmark's blog (of all places).

I made a tutorial several years ago with my mom on how to use an old book to make paper Christmas trees. It's one of my favourite decorations for the season, and I often take it with me when I go to holiday/winter markets.

I made this Christmas ornament for a friend for Christmas one year, and also put it on the blog as a last minute gift project. It's pretty simple and only requires paint, glue and well as the ornament (of course).

These beautiful bowls from Camille Styles were created using air-dry clay, and was one of the gifts that I made for my DIY Christmas a few years ago. 

This three-dimensional winter scene was another paper project that was created using an old book, and was part of the 2012 Discover Paper Holiday Gift Guide (page 100). Like the paper tree, it is one of my favourite Christmas decorations that we own.

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