Behind the Art: Feel Better, Ivan

November 26, 2019

Inspired by my own dog and the way that he would curl up on the floor, in his chair, on the bed...etc, the Feel Better, Ivan drawing is so much more than just a dog and a red ball. He is my logo, and part of the heart of the shop. One of my favourite things about this drawing is how much everyone that purchases it (or the pin) sees their own dog in it. I've even had requests to add patches, etc. to his face or body to resemble the dog of the person ordering the print.

It is a true gift to be able to give people something to remember their dog by, but it is with the deepest sadness that I share with you that Ivan has succumbed to old age and kidney disease, and that I am now one of those people that will have this little print to remind me of my pup. I am grateful for the legacy he has provided to the shop, and for the love that he gave so willingly without expectation. He truly was a gift.

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