The Summer List 2019

July 14, 2019

I started the Summer List back in 2012 after reading Meg + Andy's Summer List on their blog that same year. And while I haven't shared our list every year here on the blog, it started off simple with just five things to do like "go for a walk by the river" and "go to three different parks" as my son was not even a year and a half old at that point (woah!), and has evolved into the photo above where he helps come up with some ideas and has even added more since I took this photo (one of my favourites that he added was "go to our favourite places and take pictures"). 

I am grateful for what we have, and that we are at a point in our life where we can make a list of things that we wish to do in the summer. I also love the adventures that we are able to do because of this Summer List, and because it's written in a prominent place in the house (on his art chalkboard in the kitchen), we are more aware of it and can remind ourselves of the things that we want to do this summer.

What's on your Summer List this year?

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