Behind the Art: Balloons

July 30, 2019

On a whim, I ordered some beautiful wooden bezels from a shop called ArtBase that makes them in their studio in Florida. I initially only bought a few, and made one into a brooch in memory of a little dog name Morran as part of an art project. I submitted it along with another piece of artwork for the Morran Book Project. The other piece of artwork won a place in the book, but my interest in doing more work with the bezels was piqued. 

This little cluster of balloons was one of my first brooches, and is one of my favourites. I can tell you that I was most definitely thinking of the house from the movie UP when I drew it (yes, it is hand-drawn), but I like to imagine other things attached to the bottom of the balloons. What do you think is beyond the bezel?

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