Autumn: The Corn Maze

September 15, 2014
This month I wanted to plan a fun activity for our family that we had never done before, so I did a bit of research and found a corn maze nearby that had a petting zoo -- which was basically farm animals that wandered around the property -- and other little attractions like a bouncy castle. 

There were two mazes to choose from -- one that was six-acres and the other that was two-acres -- and we decided to go with the smaller one. It was fun trying to answer the true and false questions that would point us in the right -- or wrong -- direction. We ended up making a few big circles around before finding our way, but we were pretty glad that we got lost in the smaller of the two mazes.

As soon as I saw people entering the maze it reminded me of Field of Dreams and I whispered "If you build it, he will come" throughout our entire time in the maze. I also thought I saw some aliens from Signs, and I know for certain that I would never want to be going through the maze in the dark. My imagination would go wild.

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