Shop Announcement: World Alzheimer's Month

September 01, 2014
Today marks the beginning of a new month. September means a lot of different things to different people: it is the beginning of the new school year; it's the month to celebrate the birth of a child, or a family member; it is the month in which you got married.

September is also World Alzheimer's Month.

The Forget Me Not is a symbol of the Alzheimer Society of Canada (source)

Alzheimer's touched my family many years ago when my Grandma was diagnosed with it. Like most people that suspect a family member is suffering from memory loss, there were some members of my family that didn't want to admit what was happening to her until her memories were so lost that she tried to hurt the man that she loved for most of her life, who, even after she was safely in a home where there were people to care for her, would visit her on a daily basis to play the piano for her and visit with her for hours upon hours. They had a beautiful relationship.

That's why for the month of September I will be donating 15% of the shop profits to the Alzheimer Society of Canada to provide support to those who are suffering from the disease and their families, and to promote research. Help support the cause and give a voice to those affected by Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.


  1. As Grandpa would say "Good on ya!"
    So proud of you for doing this!

  2. I agree! A beautiful way to remember a beautiful woman


Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

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