Planning Outfits For Vacation: What I Packed For Vegas

September 06, 2013
My husband and I prefer to take carry-on baggage when we go on vacation. It can be a little tricky to pack, but we don't have to wait for it at the baggage carousel and can move quickly to our connecting flights -- and through customs. My husband usually just throws some T-shirts and shorts in his suitcase, but I like to plan my outfits a little more. I may not wear the outfits exactly as I plan out in my head once I reach my destination, but a least I have a good idea of what I can wear while I'm there -- and they're all inter-changeable...that's the best part!

Pink and Green Shorts: GAP
Jean Skirt: Old Navy
Both Floral Shirts: Forever 21
Star Shirt: Old Navy
Dress: GAP
Red Bag: Matt and Nat
Floral Bag: Old Navy

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