What I Learned From My Garden

September 08, 2013
Despite my previous experience with a garden, I have learned quite a bit from the little garden that I planted this year. Some of the vegetables turned out amazing -- like the peas and cucumbers -- while others became mutant carrots, but I know my mistakes and I have a new plan for next Summer.

To help my carrots dig deep into the Earth I plan on using a rototiller to break up the soil a lot more. Clearly those little fellas had a lot of digging to do on their own. I'm also going to plant the cucumbers and peas separate from each other because they have become so intertwined that they are pretty much one plant -- peacumbers. 

But, more importantly, I have proven to myself that I can take care of a garden by myself -- with a little help from my son. Part of my reasoning for planting a garden this year was to help him appreciate where his food comes from, and maybe it would help him enjoy it a bit more. He loves helping pick the peas and eagerly peels the pod away so he can gobble them up.

How did your garden grow?

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