Working With My Son

August 15, 2013
Being able to take my son to work with me is such a blessing. I'm so glad that I get to watch him in little daily moments that not a lot of working moms get to see outside of the time that is spent with her child in the mornings and evenings -- that happen in an entirely different setting. There are so many precious moments that I have been able to watch, especially when it comes to interacting with his peers. It melts my heart with how excited he is to see his friends when he walks through the door to his room.

But I also see the difficult moments. Yes, he does throw fits for his teachers -- no one is perfect -- and sometimes he has a difficult time leaving me behind when his group goes inside, but the moments that I have the most difficult time with, the ones that tug at my heart strings, are the moments when he really wants to play with someone and they don't want to play with him. It's hard for a mother to see that kind of thing, but as a teacher, I tell the children that I work with, including my son, that if someone doesn't want to play with you that you find someone else that wants to play with you, and I help them seek out a new playmate.

I love having my son at work with me, and I'm a bit anxious for the day that he goes off to school and is on his own, because neither of us really ever have been.

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