On Broadway

August 19, 2013
I mentioned Broadway early last week, but want to tell you more about it as there is more to it than just the Fringe Festival. The Broadway Area is a very popular place in the city. It is where you can buy handmade noodles, organic soaps, beautiful furniture, as well as spices imported from Mexico, and then eat a delicious lunch while listening to a local band. It is a mish-mash of shops, restaurants, art galleries and theatres, and a wonderful place to go for a walk. Most every one in the city has a special place in their heart for Broadway, and each for a different reason.

A few of my favourite places on Broadyway are the Bulk Cheese Warehouse, Crave Cupcakes, Calories -- a restaurant that serves local food -- and The Better Good -- where I purchase a lot of my organic and socially responsible goodies. I discover new places and shops each time I go back -- most recently it was the market that sells goods imported from Mexico where I bought a Coke made with real sugar. I look forward to each trip I take to the Broadway Area.

Do you have a special area in your city?

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