DIY Project: Stars Art Installment

August 30, 2013
Upon doing some decorating in our master bedroom during my 4 Simple Goals before 2013, I realised that the art that I had painted to hang over the bed no longer fit with the vision that I have for our bedroom. So I came up with a project that I called "The Art Installment" because it is art, but not in the classical sense, and I really could think up no other name to call it besides "The Star Project." Anyway, I had this thought floating around in my head of many stars hanging from a wire above our headboard, and the idea began taking shape.

Materials I Used:

Cereal Boxes
Fishing Line - 4lb tension
16 Gage Wire - or a bit thicker
Krylon Gold Spray Paint - Matte
Martha Stewart Crafts Florentine Gold Glitter and White Gold Glitter
Elmer's Clear Glue
Tiny Hole Punch

Once I had my collection of cereal boxes, the rest was quite simple. I printed off various sizes of stars, traced them onto the previously flattened cereal boxes, cut them out, and spray painted them gold. I did save out five stars that I put some glitter on to add something a little extra to the project -- so it wasn't all gold stars. It's a lot of work, but it's easy.

After the glitter was set, and the paint was dry, it was time to thread the stars onto the fishing wire. I laid the stars out on the floor of our bedroom to arrange them in the way I thought would look best on the wall. Once I was happy with the way it looked, I measured out the 16 Gage wire for the fishing line to hang from. Then I used the tiny hole punch to punch out holes at the tops and bottoms of the stars for the fishing line to feed through. I fed the fishing line through, looping it and tying it at the bottom of each star to make sure it wouldn't just slip down to the bottom, and then I attached each fishing line to the wire that I had pre-measured.

Once the art installment was hanging up on the nails, I had to do some adjusting to make sure the fishing line was in just the right place, the wire was not twisting every which-way, and the stars were hanging nicely. It took me a little while to get used to it after having paintings hanging there for three years, but I'm really pleased with how it turned out and the boy is fascinated by the stars.

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